Subjects of translation which Sloovo LTD suggests

Is it necessary to complete website translation or translation of the articles? Our translation agency will execute the order of different subjects of translation: technical, medical, juridical, literary, etc. We set to work if we can execute it and if we execute on time and qualitatively.

Technical translation is necessary for using the instrument and for understanding the operation manual. We translate drawings, instructions, scientific literature, technological documents, patent documents, we provide translation of the articles, websites, etc.

Juridical translation is necessary in business. If the company begins to work in the international market, so it is time to search the translation agency. Also, each private person tosses sooner or later when it is necessary to translate passport, diploma, certificate and other documents, let's say into English or into French. Or maybe you have website or articles of legal nature?

Literary translation deeply varies from others. It can be translation of the articles, too. You need to consider not only the fact that it is important to inform somebody and also, to intrigue someone, not to lose the punch-line and the author's style of the article or of the book.

Economical translation it is translation of different types of business literature, bank documentations, accounting paperwork, etc.

Medical translation it is translation of documents related to medicine, pharmacology... We translate certificates, laboratory analysis, recommended medication, we provide websites translation for health-care settings.

Website translation supposes painstaking work for translator. It depends on the website how quickly your business will develop in the world market.

Banking, financial, architectural, oil and gas, juridical translation, translation of references, diplomas, website translation and other types of translation our skilled translators will complete for you!

In any case, write to us and we will help you to define the subject and the language from which it is necessary to translate if you don't know and if there is a suitable specialist we will translate website, articles, material for you according to your desires.