International company Sloovo today

Sloovo - international translation bureau. We work as an e-commerce site taking into account the rhythm of the modern city and the pace of life of the megalopolis. All orders are received and processed online and you receive the finished translation in time. Our translators visit conferences and perform translations in courts and medical centers. Reading the testimonials about us online is enough to understand that we work properly. The overwhelming majority of our clients are satisfied because we are focused on results and success.

Translation bureau "Sloovo"

All services provided by our company are carried out only by professionals who know and love their work. All employees possess a higher education in linguistics as well as more than 3 years experience in the field. Some of them undertook their internship abroad while others worked in foreign corporations.

Perhaps you didn't hear about us before but more than likely you have met the results of our work. It is possible to perform our translations in different specializations: jurisprudence, medicine, oil production, building and construction... We translate medication guidelines, technological instruction manuals, web content, various articles, etc.

Our key advantage is that we maintain confidentiality regarding the text our client gives us for translation. We steadfastly adhere to the principles outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Translation bureau "Sloovo" is a modern and high-tech translation agency. We are always on the outlook for every kind of project; we strive to improve work efficiency; we go to great length to minimize any mistakes.

Our main advantage is our unblemished reputation. We go to great length to ensure our client are satisfied. Our translation services of texts, websites, materials, documents are ordered from all over the world. Thanks to that we are a young and rapidly growing company we go into full bore and also have the opportunity to provide services at a more favourable rate with no compromise in quality.

You may rest assured that you will receive your translation in time because we award a contract for services rendered whereunder we guarantee the quality and the timeframe for completion. Also, we have the opportunity to make out an invoice to every order.

We are ready to produce a small test translation for you if we have a free specialist. We are ready to give a discount for you (please, contact our administrator to learn about such possibilities). Do you need a translation from English or a translation into English? Get in contact.