Our Working Languages

We live in times where borderlines between countries and cities disappear. It is difficult to distinguish one nation from another. We so interrelated with each other. Our traditions, customs so have inosculated. The looks is very similar but we speak different languages, in any case.

There are about three thousand languages today or even more. The encyclopedia "Wikipedia" defines the "language". "The language it is the human ability to acquire and use complex systems of communication, and a language is any specific example of such a system."

Top-10 most popular and requested world's languages:

1) The first place is for English language. 1/3 of population on the planet understands English. Internet, books, music, instructions and so on, generally, are written and created in English for being clear for the majority of people.
2) The language of flamenco takes the second place. Spanish is one of the most popular languages. It is easy to learn Spanish after French.
3) Chinese. It is enough difficult language to learn because of hieroglyphs, first of all. A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. Everything is possible and perhaps China will soon become the global superpower then we will learn Chinese. 1,3 billion people live in China. Chinese is the working language of the United Nations. The most popular dialect of Chinese is Mandarin Chinese. The grammar is not so difficult.
4) Russian language is also very popular. It is about 250 mln people speak Russian. It is a difficult language.
5) About 400 mln people speak Arabic. The Koran is written in Arabic. Arabic is the working language of the United Nations, too. The person who knows Arabic has a profitable advantage in the market. The writing and the grammar of Arabic are difficult to learn. Also, there are many dialects in Arabic.
6) French. It is one of the most melodious and beautiful languages in the world. French is the language of diplomacy and of the bon ton. About 130 mln people speak French at the level of the native speaker.
7) Portuguese. About 200 mln people speak Portuguese. Thanks to that Brazil is being developed at a quick pace in the world arena. Portuguese is gaining in popularity more than ever.
8) Japanese. Japan is an important major economic power. It is the country of high technologies. There is a difficult grammar in Japanese. For example, grammatical forms that we use depend on gender and status.
9) Turkish. About 100 mln people all over the world speak Turkish. Turkish is enough easy to learn and Turkey is an important country in the world market.
10) German. Thanks to that Germany is an important high-powered country, powerhouse of the European Union, German is being used also during business talks. Though the trend is that German begins to give ground.

INTERESTINGLY! It is interesting that the learning of a foreign language aids the brain's development, to climb career ladder, to travel everywhere, getting to know new people, etc.

However, academics from the University College London conducted experiment: they used tomography and they examined one hundred and five people. Among these experimental subjects twenty-five persons didn't know any foreign language, other twenty-five knew one foreign language, thirty-three persons were bilinguals (knew two languages since childhood), twenty-two persons were foreigners who knew English besides first language. The neurophysiologists understood that those who knew two languages and more had the increased density of the cerebral cortex. Also, those who knew few foreign languages were more adapted to life, their brain worked more actively. Those who learnt a new foreign language in adult stage stimulated their brain, developed capacities of the brain and it was impossible to achieve by other intellectual work.


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