European Company Sloovo LTD today.

The Bulgarian International Company "Sloovo" offers to every person everywhere and who has access to the Internet, to complete online courses, to translate a text and other services.

Sloovo Ltd. it is a European Company. Indeed, Bulgaria is a member of the European Union since 2007 and it profitably distinguishes "Sloovo" in the market for services.

All services in the company are being provided only by professionals who love and know their work.

Our purpose is to give an opportunity to every person to learn a foreign language, a discipline, to translate something...

It doesn't matter where you live: in the township or in the city with huge traffic jams. Distance services are created for the achievement of your dream - to begin to speak a foreign language like a native with the saving of your time, energy and money, to make a translation of the text without getting away and many other things. Also, there is an opportunity to choose the specialist who is really right for you!

Our clients are people of different genders, ages, professions. These are businessmen who don't have time for trips to specialists, to visit companies or receive specialists at home. These are housewives who are occupied in the childrearing, students and schoolchildren who don't have time and for whom it is uncomfortable to visit Centres for Foreign Language Study in the evening, to hunt through the translation agencies for getting the same but more expensive and having spent the oceans of time.

The geography of our clients is enough wide: The European Union: Germany, France, Bulgaria, Spain, etc.; Switzerland, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, USA, Australia; Russia: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, the Russian Far East, etc.

All employees are people with higher linguistic education and most often with higher pedagogical education with more than 3 years experience. Some of them undertook their internship abroad, some of them worked at foreign corporations, some of them received the Certificates of the Oxford Fund (ORF)...

Our the most radical departure from other companies that our company administrator is a philologist who keeps a good look-out for the service quality. Compared to lots of other companies, we look surely the documents of each teacher/tutor or translator/interpreter, for example. We try to know as much as possible about our employees and their individuality.

Our teachers use for study the best textbooks and world-class teaching techniques which generally written by native speakers, also, the audio and video taken from modern newspapers, journals, Internet, radio, television. Our translators/interpreters are professionals in their field. They are diplomaed specialists.

It is comfortable to work and to study with us: we give freedom of choice, we do not sell boxes we sell solutions, you can always choose your time which is personally right for you, to command our services.

Also, it is comfortable to pay. Furthermore, our prices are loyal. We propose a minimum value.

Sloovo Ltd. it is online courses, translation agency and other services wherever you are and in any time.

"Sloovo" it is an International Translation Agency

Perhaps you didn't hear about us before but probably you met the results of our work. It is possible to find our translations in different spheres: jurisprudence, medicine, oil production, building and construction... We translate Medication Guidelines, Technology instructions, Web content, various articles, etc. By contrast with other companies we work actively with native speakers.

- Our key advantage is that we keep confidentiality about that what kind of text our client gives us for translation. We follow steadily our Privacy Policy.

- Translation agency "Sloovo" it is a modern and high-technology translation agency. We are on the outlook for every project, we improve work efficiency, we try to minimize any mistakes. Our employees are people with higher education who are carried away with their profession - translation profession. These are people who know their responsibility before other people when they translate, for example, medical reports or instruction to the complex technologies.

- Translation agency "Sloovo" proposes one of the most profitable services in the sphere of translation, proofreading, layout (cost/quality ratio) in the market of the European Union, USA, Russia, etc. We pursue not a great number of translations but a high quality translation.

- Our main advantage - is an unblemished reputation. We do all for that our client remains pleased. Although it is a Bulgarian Company but we work actively with the European Union, USA, Russia... Our translation services of texts, websites, materials, documents are being ordered in all the world. Thanks to that we are young and rapidly growing company, we go into it full bore and also, we have the opportunity to provide services at a more favourable and at a cheaper price with no compromise in quality.

- Guaranty. You may rest assured that you will receive your translation in time and just so because we award a contract for services rendered whereunder we guarantee the quality. Also, we have the opportunity to make out an invoice to every order that also guarantees that your money will arrive exactly for services that you order and you will know where you send your payment. You will have payment receipt, too.

- Free Quote. We always calculate free the cost of work and we try to say more exactly and at once all the cost of our work. We can also to give you the pricing model in the agreement.

- Different payment options. Compared to others we give different payment options. The most important that it will be convenient for you.

- If you order a high volume, so we are ready to produce a small test translation for you.

- We are ready to give a discount for you according to the volume.

- It is much more profitable to work with us according to the deadline. We know what does it mean urgent translation and we are ready to work 24/7.

- We follow steadily all your instructions about the translation quality and the intended effect.

Education in company "Sloovo" it is a variety of advantages.

First of all, thanks to our distance course you fully focus on the educational milieu. You and your teacher are concentrated to the full on your education. You get 100% of interaction with your pedagogue.

Secondly, compared to lots of training centres all the services are being provided only by teachers with higher education and experience. Also, we have an opportunity to provide to you the native speaker or teacher from all parts of our Planet.

Thirdly, our services are significantly cheaper at the price than those of lots of companies thanks to that we are followers of available qualitative education. Our mission is to give the chance to anyone to learn, for example, the English language.

Fourthly, you receive personal service. You will have the customized service on the part of the administrator and the teacher.

Fifthly, the education is possible at any time of the year, on any day of the week and at all times of the day.

Sixthly, to study by distance it is comfortable and economically. You don't need to go anywhere, to sit in traffic and to pay more for the rentable area of different training centres.

Seventhly, we are simply a team of responsible and good people - professionals in our field who love to teach and who know the tagline, all the problems during the learning of foreign languages / subjects.

Our technologies in education.

We use only high technologies in process of training:

- High Speed Internet;
- excellent equipment;
- modern textbooks;
- each teacher has a right to teach and to use his/her own approach or recognized approach.

You see and you hear each other with your teacher during the tuition. Your teacher can be even the English speaker or the Russian speaker, or the French speaker, for example, who lives directly in the English speaking environment or in the Russian Federation, or in Bulgaria, or in France... There is an opportunity to use the interactive whiteboard by using the specific program. You do your homework, different tests which your tutor checks like at school or at the university.

First Lesson Free:

Each future pupil receives a free lesson (20-30 minutes) where you with your teacher set goals of education, you choose the educational program and perhaps you pass a test of your level (orally and/or in a written form). Also, we have the opportunity to propose to you an alternative among several teachers, and correspondingly, you will receive several free lessons with different teachers.

How it all began?

"There is nothing stronger than word"

The company's founder worked as a French tutor back in the day. He struggled with it a long time when he went all over the city and when he sat in traffic for hours. It was uncomfortable for pupils too. It was always necessary to clean the room where you wanted to invite your teacher, to call your dog off, etc.

And then the idea about the company establishment which would let to resolve problem appeared.

Later the professional translation service was added.

One time ago in student days the company's founder of Sloovo Ltd. ordered the translation of his documents in one big translation agency for his student trip in France. They translated due to the machine translation and took to the cleaners not too bad for those times. And also, he had to go far away across the city for taking his documents. But in the century of IT solutions you have the opportunity to make a translation staying indoors.

Why we named our company "Sloovo"? "Sloovo" it looks like in Russian language "Word". "In the beginning was the Word..." Did you recognize the quotation? Yes, the beginning of all things is a word and the word is a central point. "Sloovo" it is so easy and clear. "Sloovo" ("Word") is related to something such necessary and close. The first word pronounced by the human being in his life. Mum, dad, grandpa and grandma wait for it so much...

The following is said about "word" in the encyclopaedia Wikipedia. "A word is the smallest element that may be uttered in isolation with semantic or pragmatic content (with literal or practical meaning)".

These are some quotations of the great minds of the world:

"The word is the form of the action" (Solon).

"He can't put three words together" (Seneca).

"The metal is known by the ring and the man by the word" (Baltasar Gracian).

"Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know more" (Confucius).

"If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint" (Edward Hopper).