Translation Center - high quality translation of text.

Our Translation Center deals with the professional translation of texts, materials. You can send all your documents on our email and you can receive the translated text at necessary time and the most important that you don't need to go somewhere. Our employee will promptly send the translated document on your e-mail.

Our translators are professionals. We don't work under the principle "hit or miss" but we make atomic effort for obtaining the qualitative result.

Besides, we try that it will be easy to contact with us and for that every question will be answered.

The cost of services in our Translation Center for the translation of texts is low. We don't take like many others for the leasing of big premises, many unnecessary managers, many office machines, etc. but we take only for the responsible performed task and also, the proofreading, if it is necessary.

Sloovo Ltd. - it is the company in the European Union which provides services to the people from around the world where there is the Internet access. This Center is created for the people who know the value of time and money.

We receive via e-mail that you can look at the page "Contact us" all types of orders and after the clarification of details and the payment, our translator provides a translation right on time, the translator sends the translation to our business executive and our business executive sends the completed assignment to you. It is an easy matter.

The important principle of our highlights is that we never receive order if we are not sure that the translation will be made on time and according to rigid rules and requirements.

The slogan of SLOOVO is "We will translate to a good quality and on time". The translation of texts is our power.

It is very important that the person will remain satisfied and will address to us again.

The Translation Center of "Sloovo" it is comfortable and reasonable.