Privacy policy, data protection concepts

Last modified: April 15, 2014


The Company Sloovo Ltd. refers responsibly to the data protection concepts. The Company Sloovo Ltd. complies with five principles for the data protection concepts:

1) We will use the received data of mere motion only for your benefit and for providing ordered services. We estimate your confidence.

2) We can keep and use the received data from you and in any time to delete it on your written request.

3) You have a right to know what we do with your information (contact details, for example).

4) We will do any and all for the data storage that we have received from you and we will keep it at safe location.

5) We will keep all effective laws and the principles of the data security.


Sloovo Ltd. will do all and any for the confidentiality preservation. This privacy policy describes how we obtain information, how we use and protect it.

The privacy policy covers the personal information which Sloovo Ltd. has obtained due to the offered services. Our company possesses the website There are a lot of copyrighted articles on the website, contact details, customer feedback. We obtain all information of mere motion in the course of received calls (on the phone, SkypeTM) and letters (including email, ICQ, SkypeTM, social media, message boards, etc.) and also, when we provide services to our Clients. All information about our Employees is being obtained before their work in our Company and during their work in Sloovo Ltd. All information about our Employees and our Clients is being kept in safety and doesn't release to the third parties if only it doesn't demand the law. Also, the information can be spread by authority of our Clients and our Employees if it is necessary to provide information for providing services ordered in our Company, for the activity in the Company. In any time we can delete the information at request in a written form.

The privacy policy does not include:

1) The information obtained from other open sources on the Internet ("Third party websites") and from other sources which we don't control.

2) The information obtained from the third party websites, the access to which you have received when you have followed the link on the website of Sloovo Ltd.

3) Different types of promotions, events, billboards and banners, advertisements and so on wherein we can participate or on the third party websites. These websites can have its own privacy policy, that's why you need to read carefully this information.

Your acceptance.

Sloovo Ltd. is not going to obtain, collect, use and spread the information without your consent. More often we ask your permission and your acceptance for doing it or we conclude that we can act with your information in such a manner based on your behaviour and your actions.

Using the website of Sloovo Ltd., in other words, visiting our website, any social account, where our Company is represented, message boards and so on, SkypeTM, ICQ, email, making a call and all that is related to our Company Sloovo Ltd., including the registration on our website, so you personally give the consent on the information gathering, storage, data processing, information use, disclosure of your personal details and information to the Company Sloovo Ltd.

Certainly, our Company has no purposes for collecting or for spreading your personal information.

Also, we can ask your consent for the processing, storage and distribution of your personal information. You don't obliged to consent. If you do not give your consent, so your participation in some events of the Company can be limited if you are not agreed to the collection, storage, usage and distribution of your details (for example, your full name, your phone number, email, etc. for transfer of information to your future Tutor, Translator, Proofreader, Native speaker, etc. or copies of Employee's documents to your future Client, for example).


Our website https:// and other open sources on the Internet, including the groups in the social media are created first of all for the adults but it doesn't mean that there is some information which can negatively predetermine the physical and the psychological health of the child. This points to the fact that the minor in any country can use services of the Company Sloovo and the website, and any open sources on the Internet which is related to the Company's activity, only upon authorization of the adult and under control of the adult having a transactional capacity. If you are a minor (the age of the major status depends on the laws of one or another country), so you need to read attentively the privacy policy with your parent or your tutor.

We will exercise best efforts for asking your permission on the obtaining, storage, processing and distribution of the information about the minor from your parent or your tutor. If we clear up that such information is obtained without your consent, so we will exercise best efforts for delete it at once.

Any information about Employees or Clients is being obtained only for the activity of Sloovo Ltd. and for providing services. Our Company has not illegal or pejorative intents.

What kind of information can we obtain?

According to the privacy policy the term "personal information" means:

- the information or it part which lets to identify you. This is a name, surname, patronymic name, country, city, address, handle, photo, email, login in SkypeTM, ICQ, handle on different message boards, social media and the phone number but it can mean and other information such as IP address, buying habits, your preferences, your way of life, hobby, interests and so on, for providing quality services. The Company can record video calls, calls on SkypeTM, ICQ, from the phone, etc. It is doing for controlling the quality of providing Services. The Company can obtain information about you from different sources.

The information that you personally give us.

The Company can obtain information about you directly from you. For example, you have registered on our Website, have taken part in the promotion, award, you have subscribed to the mailing list from our Company, you have bought our Service, you have written or called to us, you have completed the survey, you have been left feedback. It can be: your address, your email, your phone number, your age, your gender, birth date, login, handle, information about the payment by bank card or by any other type of payment, any messages which you have posted on our website or on any other websites where there is a reference about our Company including the social media. The Company (Our Website) uses cookies, sessions and other instruments to analyse the work of the website and of the quality of reporting. This information can be obtained automatically, for example, IP, information about seen pages, hyper links, browser, login, gender, social media, photos and so on, and also, all what you can share (for example, you have liked on Facebook in our group).

How do we use your personal information?

The Company can use information about you only for execute legal acts. This information can be used for providing Services (Translation services, Educational services, etc.). Also, we can use information for improving the quality of our Services, activity of the website of Sloovo Ltd., estimation of the efficiency of advertisement, promotions, Employees' job evaluation, marketing of Services, etc.

For leading statistics (anonymously) of your activity on our website, and also, for specify from which website you have gone to the website of Sloovo Ltd.

It can be made for that we can contact with you and for service proposal if you have addressed to us or you have given your consent before or somebody else among your particulars has given information about you.

We can answer your comments, feedback, email/letters, calls, etc., and then we need the common information about you. We have not intention to obtain the super personal and secret information.

If force majeure, cataclysms, embargo and other circumstances beyond our control suddenly happen, so it is possible that we can't protect your personal information and/or delete it at once.

SMS, email, postal mailing, SkypeTM, ICQ and other types of mailing.

Sloovo Ltd. can send you SMS, email, postal, SkypeTM, ICQ and other types of mailings. You can refuse in any time from the receipt of such messages.

If you subscribe to one type of the mailing or few types, so you guarantee that you personally have subscribed and that on your gadget personally (mobile, computer, etc.) messages will arrive (promotions, articles, etc.). For example, if your service provider charges for the mobile terminated SMS (for example, you stay abroad), so you personally have responsibility for it. For all that you can in any time refuse from this Service.

The Company can obtain information about you, date, time, place and so on for providing Services for you. Everything that is related to our Company is being performed by laws and privacy policy. Be careful using Services of another company, for example, your service provider can have its own privacy policy and also, it can collect some information about you.

You are aware and you are consent that the messages send via SMS, email, SkypeTM and other systems represent complex networks. Then we can't guarantee the confidence and the safety under the transfer and receipt of the information from you to us. You are absolutely responsible under using of such complex networks (mobile phone, Internet, etc.). Here, the third parties take part (mobile operators, Internet access providers, etc.). We don't know how they carry out its activities.

With whom we share your personal information?

We try not to spread your personal information nowhere. We understand you and we try not to lose your confidence. However, sometimes, like in many other companies, it is impossible not to share information.

Sloovo Ltd. can share information to the advertising companies for the development and analysis of Services, to the persons (Translators, Proofreaders, Tutors, Employees, Clients, etc.), who provide Services for you or to whom you as the Employee provide Services, public bodies in case of conflicts and on demand. The cause can be in the legal nature. The data about you can be furnished in case of inquiries, for the fraud prevention, the system upset, the troubles, etc.

Even in such cases we try to protect your personal information according to the privacy policy and not to let the information to fall outside the limits of the situation.

Our Company Sloovo Ltd. doesn't sell information about you. The exception can be the cases of the release, sale of the business, of the trade name, consolidation, management handover, corporate restructuring, liquidation of the business or of its part.

The information of the intuitu personae can be spread abroad, on the servers, affiliate companies, attorneys. That's why using the website of Sloovo Ltd. or giving to us information, you agree to the information data transfer.

The providing security of your personal information.

We do all and any for protect your personal information. The access to your personal information is limited for reasons of safety. Your personal information can be furnished partially only to the persons who provide us Services or to Employees for providing quality Services for you and also, to the Clients if you are our Employee.

Your rights.

If you have any questions due to the privacy policy, you can write to us on email or contact us in any other convenient way which is mentioned on our website

You can write to us about that:

- you don't want more to receive any messages from us,

- you want to know what exactly we keep about you (phone number, email, etc.),

- you want to delete or to make alterations to your personal information,

- you want to say about that the illegal use of your personal information have taken place.

For correct processing of your message please tell us your full name and contacts.

The changes to the Privacy Policy.

In the course of time, during the development of our Company and for many other reasons, the changes to this privacy policy can take place. We invite you to visit more often our website and see changes. Also, we try to inform you about the changes to the privacy policy by posting on our website, by sending mailing or messages in the social media.

Other privacy policies of Sloovo Ltd.

On the website of Sloovo Ltd. different promotions and so on can be and they can have its additional Conditions of privacy policy. Before taking part in promotions read attentively Conditions of this promotion, for example. When you take part in some events of the Company you agree with these Conditions and this privacy policy.