Online learning of foreign languages.

Our international company Sloovo Ltd. makes an opportunity to complete the online learning of foreign languages or subject qualitatively, with a favourable price and comfortably.

We suggest just used from the last century all over the world the distance courses.

It is the same education but via the Internet. Such education is used by different countries, recognized Universities, firms...

We educate people from across the globe using SkypeTM or similar programs.

Why do we need to study online?

1) It is the absence of the psychological tension. You don't need to invite someone at your home or go at his home.
2) Time saver. You don't need to go somewhere.
3) Cash savings. Each highly skilled teacher wants more if he/she visits your home for giving lessons because he/she spends his/her time and money. Hyped centres of foreign languages take also for the leasing of premises, equipment, cleaning, etc. When you visit the centre of foreign languages or tutor at his home you spend your time and your money because you need to pay for the transportation.
4) Effectiveness. On researches evidence such process gives higher performance than traditional thanks to that the person focuses fully on the education and doesn't put out the energy, etc.

There are a lot of advantages and a lot of causes why you need to choose this teaching method. All big companies and learning institutions use actively such method: Microsoft, Institute of Technology, National University of Distance Education (UNED, Spain), The Open University Business School, etc. A lot of people all over the world choose such type of education. These are not only the persons with reduced mobility but also, children, students, businessmen, housewives... Simply said, those who know the value of time and of money prefer the education via SkypeTM or via other computer software. Also, you can study via radio, email...

Those who don't know how it is but who want to study – write to us. We invite everybody to enroll in our free lesson of 20-30 minutes with the professional tutor. If you try what will you lose or spend? Only 20 minutes.

Study foreign languages with us. Distance courses are comfortable and modern!