Education in our company

The education in the European Company "Sloovo" it is the quality at a moderate price. To find the tutor is easy now. The foreign language tutor it is not only person who knows well the language but the person with high core education who completed the internship, gained the qualification and experience working at school, University, etc.

Nowadays, we have to run, to go forward for not to stay put and not to drop behind the others. We have to study thoroughly not only English but also, French, Spanish, German, Bulgarian, Polish, Chinese... It is the time trend when the man of education knows two, three languages.

Our education of foreign language suggests the full-immersion in process of training thanks to that you and your tutor don't expend energy on the road, the purposeless discussion in the Centres of foreign languages. You fully stay in the atmosphere which points up on the study of foreign language. You and your tutor set goals, purposes for the long time or short term education. You study the language for a definite purpose, you have the motivation and we, in turn, try to give individual attention to you and make the education to the maximum effective, comfortable.

Foreign language tutor it is the fund of knowledge, professional who loves and estimates his profession, tries to give more than you waited before. Each our tutor has a high motivation - to teach you. The distance learning means a modern approach. This is the contact of the pupil and the tutor. The principle purpose is to study language or subject.

What do you need to study in our company:

• The motivation;
• A little time;
• Speed Internet;
• The headphones and the camera + the computer;
• The textbooks (your textbook or that you have chosen with your tutor).

Why do a lot of people and companies choose us:

• We are the team of responsible people - professionals;
• All tutors tried out;
• We know very well all our tutors. It is not the base where you choose the tutor, it is the choosing of the tutor who knows the subject and who is ready to teach you;
• Our prices are moderate;
• All documents of all our tutors are verified;
• With all tutors (who teach smb.) we conclude a contract;
• We are not limited by the English Language Teaching. We have Bulgarian, Russian, German, Spanish... instructors;
• Our business executive is available practically during 24 hours (she is a tutor) and controls the educative process.
• Our tutors are people from different countries and cities: USA, France, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Russia... Europe, America, Australia, Africa, Asia.

How to find the tutor and to start the education:

• Call us or leave application online;
• Our business executive will choose the tutor for you according to your instructions and you can choose yourself among suggested tutors;
• Pass your free lesson;
• If the tutor is good for you, so you can conclude an agreement with us. If you don't like the tutor for some reason or other, you can pass the other free lesson with the other tutor;
• After agreement our business executive will draw an invoice. The payment is possible practically by all means that you see on our website.
• That's all. You study at all reasonable time and you choose your convenient frequency.

To find the tutor is easy now. The language instructor is ready to help you to learn a foreign language. Call us or leave application online, please. We work every day.