Translation services of Sloovo Ltd.

Our translation agency provides translation services of different texts and materials. If you want to translate the text, write please to our business executive.

In the age of globalization any highly developed company and any person is related to the foreign partners. It is not easy problem to legalize a document and sometimes you need to translate this document. It is better to confide in professionals.

We provide translation services not only to the legal bodies but also, to the private persons. Everybody can easily write to us and we will try to help you to resolve the problem - to translate text from one language to another. We can conclude an agreement with you if you want.

We don't promise you "everything under the sun", we do our work. We translate literary, authentic, medical, technical texts, we translate websites, documents... Thanks to that our translation agency extensively involves new professionals and also, extends the subjects of translation, we have the opportunity to translate different materials. In case if we have not the suitable professional in times of need, we will not spend your time, we will say you about it at once.

Send your document on our e-mail and we will calculate the cost of work and also, we will discuss all the details. We hope for the profitable and long-lasting cooperation! The translation services of "Sloovo" it is the quality and the availability. Do you want to translate the text? It is easy to do!