Public offer of Sloovo Ltd.

for Client

Publication: April 5, 2014

Amendment: February 8, 2015

Changes come into effect: February 8, 2015

Anyone who uses services of the company hereinafter called 'CLIENT', of the one part, and 'SERVICE PROVIDER', LTD "Sloovo" (Bulgaria, Burgas), of the other part, hereinafter referred to as 'PARTIES', agreed on the following:

I. Subject of the Public Offer
(1) CLIENT orders, SERVICE PROVIDER shall provide the service according to the subjects of the website after consultation between the parties.

II. Rights and obligations of the Parties
(1) CLIENT agrees that he will give information/material and text/glossary/clear instructions to SERVICE PROVIDER, necessary for him for activities pursuant to this Offer. In case of absence of glossary or clear instructions, SERVICE PROVIDER has a right to follow standard instructions for translation/education, to use the glossary that he has among his own dictionaries.
(2) In case of delay on the part of the CLIENT in the provision of necessary data and materials/texts/glossary/instructions/payment, the deadline increases for the purpose of incumbent actions.
(3) The SERVICE PROVIDER shall provide the service in a good quality and within the period stipulated. The SERVICE PROVIDER shall improve the work by agreement with the CLIENT, if the CLIENT has claims (during three days upon receipt of the work). In case of presentation of claim, the CLIENT must comment exactly and explain the cause of claim for the possibility to overcome mistakes.

III. Terms of payment and cost of services
(1) The CLIENT shall pay the honorary to the SERVICE PROVIDER before hours within the period stipulated.

IV. Confidentiality and general terms
(1) The CLIENT hasn't a right to spread, to sell acquired information about the Company and its Employees without the written consent from the SERVICE PROVIDER.
(2) The SERVICE PROVIDER has a right to give information received from the CLIENT to third parties only for doing Services to him (Translator, Proofreader, Tutor, Employee).
(3) The CLIENT hasn't a right to break the efficient autonomy of the SERVICE PROVIDER, to harm reputation of the SERVICE PROVIDER, Site (all the Web portal, to inflict the moral damage and the physical trespass to the Company.
(4) Upon the service payment the SERVICE PROVIDER adds the coefficient to the source text. In arriving at the coefficient, the sum of the Order can vary to the upward or downward of the cost. The difference is not being returned to the CLIENT or to the SERVICE PROVIDER.
(5) Under the conditions of the general translation the following services are not included: - proofreading by a native-speaker; - services of a translation checker, proofreader; - page proofs. The CLIENT may order such services additionally in concurrence with the SERVICE PROVIDER. The translation is being made by the translator who uses dictionaries that he has and makes translation according to these dictionaries.
(6) In case of the partial payment of Company's services the CLIENT makes the prepayment prior receipt of the first part of translation. The CLIENT pays the next part of translation after receipt of the first part of translation. Only after arrival of funds to the account of the Company, the SERVICE PROVIDER begins to make a translation.
(7) Time required for the improvement of translation is being in agreement of two Parties.
(8) The CLIENT is bound to warn the SERVICE PROVIDER about the change of time of lesson before 8 hours.
(9) In case of the loss of lesson due to the fault of the SERVICE PROVIDER/CLIENT, the question is being resolved on an individual basis.
(10) The CLIENT must have a speed internet, camera, headphones and materials for education during the lesson.
(11) The CLIENT must perform tasks received from the Tutor and to study systematically.
(12) The SERVICE PROVIDER shall give lessons to a good quality and within the period stipulated.
(13) The SERVICE PROVIDER offers the tutor who gives lessons with the approval of the CLIENT/SERVICE PROVIDER.
(14) In case of falsification, detractive and other tortious acts against the Company, Site (all the Web portal, Employees, SERVICE PROVIDER and Order, the SERVICE PROVIDER has a right to deny the service supply and in case of the flagrant violations to collect non-pecuniary damages and material consideration in a judicial proceeding.

V. Disputes
(1) Disputes being in place between PARTIES are being decided amicably. If it is found impossible to regulate the matter of debate, the disputes are being resolved in court of the Republic of Bulgaria.

VI. Dissolution
(1) The CLIENT has a right to withdraw from the Offer at any time of it performance if there is a good reason for it and he offset the loss incurred by the SERVICE PROVIDER for supply of labour/services according to this Offer.
(2) The notice of exception to the Offer is available in a written form that is allowed in an email.
(3) The charges of the affirmative performance according to the present Offer are being undertaken at the CLIENT's expense.
(4) When necessary to outlay more than it was identified before, the consent of the CLIENT is necessary in a written form.
(5) The Offer may be amended by mutual agreement of both Parties in a written form.
(6) For good cause shown about impossibility of performance, the Offer terminates in accordance with the statutory procedure of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Bulgaria, Burgas, 2015 year.