How to pay your services?

We have an opportunity of the acceptance of payments in variety of ways (more than 150 payment methods): corporate bank account, bank card, telephone, money transmission, etc. For further information see "Payment methods", please. Our business executive will draw an invoice at your request. You pay our services and you receive your work.

What guarantee could you give that I will receive the result? You are based overseas?

It doesn't matter where you or we are based. It is not the determinative factor around the world when somebody chooses the service or the goods. You buy the clothes from different countries or the meal... (including over the Internet). As a surety you have an invoice from us, the agreement with stamp and signature, also, the till slip.

What language do you speak?

We understand English, French, Russian, Bulgarian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Belorussian...

Who does work for your company? May I have a look at their or your documents?

Only skilled professionals work for our company. We follow the privacy policy that is why only by agreement with our professional who will provide the service to you we can give the copies of his/her documents. You can also verify the documents for each company upon the request to the authorities or you can see such type of documents on open access. It depends on that where the company is based.

Whereabouts are you based? How can I order the service?

It doesn't matter where you or we are situated. Our company is based in Bulgaria but we work all over the world. We provide all translation, tutoring, etc. services on-line because it is convenient and economically.

I didn't understand how can I pay for...

If you are having difficulties paying your bill, so write to our business executive. She will help you.

There is no response to my question.

If you didn't find the response to your question, so write to us or put a question.

How is it easier to contact with you?

We are followers of the economic way of communication that is why we suggest you not to expend your money for the phone call but you can write to us on email. Our business executive will get in touch with you during 15 minutes. If during 15 minutes our business executive doesn't call/write you, you may get in touch with us by phone, if you wish. Also, you can send a request on Skype or Viber or you can leave an application and our business executive will get in touch with you soon.

What do you have on your website?

On our website we have only insights. We don't plagiarize. You can find for you tutorial articles, plans of study, articles about trips; follow us on Social Media in Facebook or Twitter. Thanks to our articles you can know a lot of new and interesting information about trips, different countries, specifity of translations, education, new technologies in the education, etc. We always try to satisfy you by new useful information.

How do you make the cost calculation of the translation?

For making the cost calculation of the translation we take one standard page or 1 source word. One standard page it is 1800 characters with spaces. Characters are all that you see in the text (punctuation marks, letters, numbers, etc.) and spaces. You can see the characters in the Word, for example. Therefore, you can understand the number of characters on the page. If it is not the Word file, let's say, PDF, so you need to make the conversion of page using the specific program.

How to pay the order?

We do everything for that it will be comfortable for our clients to work with us. We take care of our clients that it will not necessary to pay the extra fee, etc. For that we take the plunge that is more profitable for the client than for us. You can pay the order at once completely. We calculate the cost, then, we take into account the coefficient and we receive the approximate quantity of the characters, we take into account the complexity of the text and sometimes the urgency. We say you the sum total and you pay (by bank card, through corporate bank account, Payeer, WebMoney, PayPal, Qiwi, etc.). If desired you can receive the cost calculation right to a T then you can pay 50% from the cost of work (because we calculate the translation based on the total translated text without the coefficient) and the rest of the sum when your order is ready. You receive the order after full payment for work. We take the order only after your payment.

I want to calculate cost of work, how can I do it?

Yes, you can calculate yourself the cost of your order. You need to see the number of characters in the text using Word or to recognize the text if it is PDF format, for example. After that you visit our website http://sloovo.com/en/translation/price.php and you choose the target language which you need. It will be the approximate cost because you need to take into account the complexity of the text, the layout, the urgency, the quantity discount (which we will allow with pleasure), the coefficient, etc.

Which languages do you work with? Why there is no all languages on the site?

We work only with the skilled professionals (translators, proofreaders, native speakers). It is very important for us to get the quality and to save our face. You can see on our website only the most popular languages and language combinations. But we also work with non-core languages. We are the European Company that is why we can easy to translate, for example, from French into Russian. It will be the direct translation but not like in case through third hands when you make the translation from French into English then from English into Russian, etc. That means that you save your money notably essential and you save your time.

Do you have native speakers?

Yes, we always contact with our translators who are native speakers of English, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, etc.

Do you make the Apostille or the notarization?

We are a translation agency which makes a speciality of translation, most of all. We translate: certificates, documents, websites, instructions, etc. We are a translation company more than the company which occupies of the jurisprudence.

I need to translate some phrases, can you help me?

Yes, of course we can help you. Our purpose is to help the people. We want to make everything in time and in a good manner. Even if it is one word which you need to translate. Though the cost calculation will be equal to one standard page in any case. It can be explained by many reasons: time, fees, etc.

What guarantee can you give that you will make the translation in a good manner and on time?

These days the concurrence is high but we know that it is very difficult to get the name, that's why we try not to disappoint our clients. For that we receive only those orders that we really can execute in a good manner and on time. Also, we can conclude an agreement on the provision of services where it will be written that we must improve translation quality, etc. within the period stipulated. Believe us that today for compete in translation services we need to do all on time and in a quality manner.

Why do I need a translator when everything is possible to make using machine translation?

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) but not one machine can replace the professional translator for the moment. Firstly, the machine doesn't convey the meaning, secondly, it doesn't catch the connotation, the dictionary, the logic, etc. Thirdly, it infringes grammatical rules, etc. You can conduct experiment independently. Take the finished translated piece out of the book and find the same piece in the original. Translate the text using machine translation and you will understand why such translation is not good.

What guarantee do I receive against payment of your services?

You will keep the check, the agreement with company stamp and all it details. Also, our business executive stays practically in full-time communication and will supervise your order and answer all your questions. So everything is the same as though you would buy the mobile phone or something on the e-commerce site.

Is it necessary to go to the office for ordering the translation? I have no time for doing it.

We live in the XXI century. Practically all orders in all companies are being received over the Internet (email, Skype, Viber, etc.). You don't need to go somewhere, to spend your time and your money. Complete the request form on our website or call us, please. We answer promptly and we work every day.

How can I receive my order?

As well as you have sent it to us. Everything over the Internet. Everybody works in such manner from the last century in all big companies everywhere where there is the access to the Internet. Don't be afraid because we are always available.

What language do you receive orders? My friend lives abroad and doesn't speak your language.

We work with people from different countries: USA, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Italy, France, China, Korea, Poland, Belorussia, Moldavia, etc. We receive orders in English, Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, French, Spanish... Our business executive will receive your order. In case of difficulties with the communication we have translators who will always help to find a common language. In any case you can choose one of the most popular languages: English, Russian, French, Spanish...

Are you based in Bulgaria? But I live abroad, what do I need to do?

You order, for example, Bulgarian products or Italian...? Do you buy bananas in a shop? Bananas are imported from exotic countries, most often. And our company is not engaged in export. There is an Internet and you use it for a long time. We also send your translation via email. Also, you can communicate with our business executive via Skype and you can look at our business executive if desired, you can pose clarifying questions. We are always open and we are always happy to work with our clients, partners and employees.

I need the interpretation. Can you interpret?

Yes, we can do it for you and we can invite our interpreter to interpret something for you via Skype or otherwise which includes the attendance. Our interpreters visit neighbouring countries and cities all over the world. Perhaps our interpreter lives next door. Email us and we will discuss this question. We will try to help you.

In what format will I receive my translation?

You will receive your translation as a Word file or in the format that you need.

I need the layout. Do you make it?

Yes, we will do the layout for you.

Who does work in your company? Who are they?

Only the skilled professionals work in our company. We verify all documents of our employees. Everybody is interviewed. Our business executive supervises every project. We have the opportunity to proofread the text.

Which languages do you work with? Some of the languages are not included on your website as taught.

We work not only with English, French, Spanish, German, Russian languages but also, with more uncommon languages as Bulgarian, Italian, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Belorussian... We have such specialists who are ready to teach the language or the material in a good manner. This is the most important difference from other companies which are involved in the distance learning.

The e-learning is qualitative and so popular, isn't it?

"Interesting numbers:
The budget of the Open University (OU) is about 400 mln pounds. More than half registered students of the country study online in the Istanbul University. The Indira Gandhi National Open University counts more than 1 mln students."

The e-learning is developed and popular all over the world in the biggest companies. It is not easy popular but it is very popular now because:
- firstly, it is time and money saving. You don't need to spend your money on transportation, to sit in traffic, etc.;
- secondly, you have the opportunity to choose the tutor from any country and city that you need;
- thirdly, it is scientifically proven that the distance courses are more effective than traditional courses.

Also, please find below the good information about the distance learning which is used since the 18th century everywhere but it was without the laptop and from the last century with the computer:

a) "Distance education or distance learning" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distance_education;
b) "Distance Learning" https://www.dmoz.org/Reference/Education/Distance_Learning;
c) "What Is Distance Learning?" http://www.distancelearningnet.com/what-is-distance-learning/.

Do you have native speakers?

Yes, we often contact with our tutors who are native speakers of Russian, French, English, Portuguese...

How much is the first lesson?

The first lesson is absolutely free. The duration of the test lesson is about 20-30 minutes. During the test lesson you will meet your future tutor, you will elaborate all details about your education, you will take test orally or in written form with the tutor for appraising the ability and your purpose. After the test lesson the tutor will draw up specific recommendations and program for you.

What advantages do you have?

Firstly, we are the European company which purposefully is occupied with the education and translation. In other words we provide full range of language services on the international market. Secondly, our prices are most often lower than our competitors have thanks to that it is a contract labour for our tutors and we try to collaborate with each our employee, to keep in touch at length. Thirdly, we have the opportunity to invite the specialist from anywhere globally and anywhere in the world. Generally, we are so responsible persons, the expert team. Also, you receive practically the twenty-four-hour help on the part of our business executive. We are not agents between your tutor and you, we completely contribute to an educational process. It is essential for us that our students/pupils result. For this purpose we contact with our tutors, we discuss to the maximum the progress with you or/and with your tutor as the case may be. Also, we try to find the tutor for you to the maximum right on the basis of your demands, we give the pithy advice to our tutors in case of need. So we have an ongoing support on the part of our business executive (who is a tutor too) in case of need.

How to start my education?

It is easy to start your education. Enroll in your free first lesson on our website. After your free lesson you can decide if you want to study in our company and with this tutor.

If I pass my free lesson and I don't like the tutor, I have no choice and I need to study in your company, isn't it?

You will study if you like our tutor. You can also pass few free lessons because we have many tutors.

What do I need during my lessons?

You need the speed Internet, computer, Skype, headphones, microphone and camera. You can use integrated camera, headphones and microphone. It is always better when you use the straight headset. Also, you need the textbooks which you will choose with your tutor. You can use your own textbooks or the textbooks recommended by your tutor, in your option. Also, you need to have the pen, the exercise book or the sheets for write down the information during the lesson. In any case, all particularities of the lesson are being discussed individually with your tutor because it is a private tuition.

Do you give me the textbooks?

It is the private tuition when each tutor offers the individual approach to the concrete real student/pupil. So you choose with your tutor the most optimum program and textbooks. You can buy these textbooks or perhaps you have just these textbooks. We don't destroy individuality of the tutor and we try not to drive everybody to our programs. Each tutor is the personality, individuality who can suggest better language training method than we have.

How can I take training via Skype?

Your tutor adds you on Skype or you add him/her. You and your tutor get in touch and study at the fixed time. We have comfortable and quiet atmosphere. You can use the feature "Show the screen" or IDroo program (online educational whiteboard), the chat in Skype instead the board. You pass the program with your tutor (grammar rules, new words, pronunciation, discussion, etc.). After every lesson the tutor fixes that you need to correct during the education, your success and your lacunas. Also, practically every tutor has the opportunity to check free your homework. So your tutor sets homework, you do prep and you send it on tutor's email for checking.

What kind of language training methods do you use?

We have our own language program that you can choose. But by experience it is better when the tutor uses his own methods which he uses many years. Each tutor has his own method that he uses. It can be the recognized method or individually developed. In any case, our tutors are expert which we choose. Sometimes, it is necessary to confide in professional and only to do. In any case, you can ask and clarify what kind of method the concrete tutor will use during your lessons.

How soon do I turn the trick?

Everything depends on the concrete method, your wishes and hard work and of course on your tutor's skill. On the average, if you want to improve your vocabulary you need few months. You will have an active vocabulary of 2000 words in a period of few months. You can learn, for example, French from level A1 before B1 in a period of 6-8 months. We don't like the valueless promises because always everything is individual. The most important that we promise the good responsible tutor who will do any and all for help you.

What kind of certificate will I receive after education?

Our company provides the private tuition which is focused on the result. We don't look to issue the certificate that you will lay on the shelf and you will forget about it, we look to give knowledges. We can also prepare you for the examination that will be of service to you in your life.

How often per week do I need to learn a foreign language?

Everything depends on the educational program, on your desire. By experience it is better to learn a foreign language with the tutor at least twice a week and also, you need to learn the language every day without your tutor.

What is the length of a lesson?

The length of a lesson from 30 to 120 minutes. The ideal learning time from 45 to 90 minutes. So you will not get tired and you will receive the most effective lesson.

Do you give lessons at the weekend?

Yes, of course we do. We do all that it will be comfortable for you.

At what time do you give lessons?

Our students live in different time zones like our tutors. We can study you at any time depending on your time zone.

How can I balance my job and my lessons?

We will conform to your timetable.

All tutors are presented on your website, isn't it?

We have presented on our website some tutors.